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    What if I don't like the cleaner?

    Let's face facts. Sometimes we just don't like someone, for no tangible reason. It's pretty rare but it can happen, naturally we take the utmost care in picking the best person for the job, taking proximity into account but you have to feel comfortable with whoever is in your home.

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    What is the average time people book for a normal clean?

    Most people book three hours and we recommend it as a basic but reasonable time frame for "maintenance" domestic cleans. That is for an average 3-4 bedroom home and would include tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces, bathroom etc. The important thing is to be realistic and not to expect cleaners to, for instance, clean all the venetians and then finish off the normal tasks.

    When booking a specific time frame, think about how much you think can be achieved, and prioritise the tasks accordingly. For example: Don't book three hours and expect cleaners to do the normal clean as well as clean venetian blinds. Time consuming tasks such as this are exactly that - time consuming, and nothing else is cleaned.

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    What is the minimum time?

    Two hours is the minimum amount of time to book.

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    How do I know the person doing my clean is discreet, and honest?

    All cleaners have to pass our exacting standards and requirements for stability, reliability, efficiency, honesty and discretion. It is also a requirement of this business that cleaners keep confidentiality.

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    Do I leave a list every time? I'd prefer if cleaners just use their initiative.

    Most of us just want a cleaner to automatically know what we want done, but remember every home and situation is different, just as we are different. We believe it takes at least three visits, for the cleaner to orientate themselves around your home. Then they can better understand what needs attending to. Of course you can write lists or priority tasks as guides too.

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    What happens if an agent says a bond clean isn't good enough?

    Our bond cleans are 100% guaranteed. This means if a real estate agent is not happy with the standard of cleaning, we will return and clean again. This does not include maintenance issues. Many agents can be unrealistic in their demands and expect items that are obviously "wear and tear" to be bought back to new by cleaning. This is impossible. Our cleaners will note anything that is damaged or worn. They will also take photos and write a report if necessary on the state of the site.

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    What do you use to clean soft furnishing?

    Cleanerz 2 Go (Cleanerz2Go) provides a mattress and sofa cleaning service utilising steam to thoroughly clean mattresses and sanitise them. There is no other method currently available, with exception of dry cleaning, to clean these surfaces.

    DISCLAIMER: Cleanerz 2 Go cannot guarantee that our or any sanitisation process will 100% eradicate every microscopic trace of blood, albeit, 99% of the time these type of stains, will be removed to the naked eye. We also state that we cannot guarantee destruction of blood-borne viruses. Scientifically this is not possible. We do however state that we can thoroughly clean these surfaces from debris, dust, dust mites, most stains, tobacco smells etc.