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Do those security screens actually come off? This is important to pass on to the window cleaners, to ensure you get the most out of your window cleaning service. It's surprising how many of these do not come apart. If you need special keys, make sure you have them available beforehand.


Do you have a shower screen or other glass surfaces that always looks like it has water droplets, or soap scum that just won't come off? A condition called glass cancer does exist.


Some oven doors always look dirty or appear to have grease that you can't get off. Many oven doors, even more modern European designs, do not come apart very easily. Some do not come apart at all (defies belief, must have been designed by a male) this creates a problem when it comes to cleaning.

Always make sure you keep your manual. Even we have to, on occasion, ring the oven manufacturer for instructions in dismantling the oven door.

Always use a tarpaulin and wrap under the oven door and oven to ensure there is no leakage of the cleaning product on to any surface. Oven cleaning products can be seriously corrosive and can do damage to other surfaces. Make sure you are well protected too, with gloves that reach the elbow, and always wear a face mask and protective glasses when performing this task.


Resist the temptation to use generic products on any spills. You may accidentally set the stain and make it much more difficult for carpet cleaners to remove efficiently.

All stains have a chemical signature. If you unwittingly use the wrong product attempting to clean a stain you can create a much bigger problem than if you had called the cleaning experts. If you have expensive carpets don't run the risk of damaging them by cleaning them yourself - call the experts.


If you are a pet owner, you can bet your life at some stage you have had an errant animal that has soiled somewhere in the house. It is vital you get expert advice on what to do, and importantly what not to do.

Carpets act like wicks. While the surface fluid may have been removed, there may be much more absorbed by the underlay. As a result the smell or damp look can remain despite your best efforts. Animal urine can also cause staining issues for carpets or sofas. Seek expert advice in the first instance.